Northern Lights Band – the music

Our aim is to provide the right atmosphere for the evening, whether it be a relaxed occasion or an energetic evening of dancing.  Our experienced friendly caller will explain the steps to each dance and walk the guests through it. 

We pride ourselves on being well organised and flexible in order to fit in with the arrangements for your event. We can either provide a ceilidh for the whole evening or we will happily fit in with any other arrangements you may have, such as a disco following the ceilidh.

If you have a specific theme for your event, we can tailor the evening to suit. If you prefer a more relaxed evening with long breaks between the dancing, we can provide an entertaining mixture of tunes and songs. Please click on the Soundcloud links below to hear a selection of our music.

Northern Lights play music from Northumberland, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, and beyond.

Northern Lights have an extensive repertoire of music and will choose the best pieces for particular dances.

Here are a few sound clips from some popular dances which we often play.

“Circassian Circle”    Nice easy circle dance to start the evening.

“Town and Country Square ”    Square dance to the tunes of well-known American songs.  Great fun, with lots of shouting!

“The Gay Gordon’s”    Traditional couple dance with Scottish march tunes. 

Bridge of Athlone”    Traditional Irish dance – Couples take turns to form a bridge which others go under.

“Dashing White Sergeant”    3 facing 3    Well-known three-person dance, with the “threes” progressing in opposite directions around the room.

“Strip the Willow”    Long set where everyone gets to link arms and swing while moving down the room.  Great lively finish to the evening!